Sergio Camporeale | #42 | Acrylic on canvas | 100 x 70 cm | Art Gallery AFK

Emma Watson represents the UN, in her role as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, in Uruguay where she was campaigning for a higher representation of women in politics.

you know i thought better of it and it still annoys the shit out of me to see comments like that but I respect if you’re into feminism because you think it’s hip and cool bc if this is what motivates you to learn about real fucking issues and hopefully do something to try to set things right outside of your blog then good on you keep at it

Girls are trained to say, ‘I wrote this, but it’s probably really stupid.’ Well, no, you wouldn’t write a novel if you thought it was really stupid. Men are much more comfortable going, ‘I wrote this book because I have a unique perspective that the world needs to hear.’ Girls are taught from the age of seven that if you get a compliment, you don’t go, ‘Thank you’, you go, ‘No, you’re insane.’
by Lena Dunham (x)

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"Some are born with busts, some are born with butts, but whatever makes you feel confident and like loving yourself more, be proud. I’m all for it. ”

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"The Art of Instructions"

Anonyme a dit: that post is meant as a joke not a "quirky trend" there is so much wrong w the world and the way its dominated by men, and there are many ways to protest and change, but the way of the world is to joke about things we hate ie the patriarchy

I’m personally involved with a lot of organizations that focus on feminism, so I hear a lot about womyn’s struggles first hand and I see the serious fucking problems they face because of patriarchal tendencies. Shit like “patriarchy can u not” is obviously ridicule. Like, out of respect for these womyn, and all womyn in general, I would by no means go around trying to make cute little comments about oppression. I don’t get where you’re coming from, I don’t know what your values are, etc., but holy shit that’s so fucking stupid.